Southeast Asia

15 August 2018
A first-of-its-kind global study shows that children in 27 developing countries have better nutrition—when they live near forests. The results turn on its head the common assumption that improving nutrition in poorer countries requires clearing forests for more farmland—and, instead, suggest that forest conservation could be an important tool for aid agencies seeking to improve… Read more
26 July 2018
Three processes drive modernization: a structural transformation of the economy with agriculture playing a lesser role as the country gets richer, an agricultural transformation that raises the sector’s productivity and produces a more diversified output, and a dietary transformation that occurs when consumers become richer and can afford to choose from a greater variety of foods. That these… Read more
2 May 2018
UN-sponsored World Tuna Day 2018 promotes sustainable tuna fishing and highlights the importance of preserving marine ecosystems for this vital food source. The “Coral Triangle” in the western Pacific supports large populations of tuna, fuelling the multi-billion-dollar global tuna industry. But the fish’s numbers in the region are declining at an alarming rate, primarily due to human… Read more
By Cheryl Tay12 April 2018
Misconceptions surrounding low- / non-calorie sweeteners (LNCS) may be slowing progress when it comes to minimizing the incidence of diabetes and obesity in Southeast Asia. Read more… Read more
6 March 2018
SINGAPORE — The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Bayer signed an agreement confirming Bayer’s participation in the Direct Seeded Rice Consortium (DSRC) led by IRRI. The DSR Consortium is working to develop a comprehensive, science-based, agronomic package adapted for direct-seeded rice production in Asia, making direct seeded rice accessible and widely available to rice… Read more
10 March 2018
Virginia Tech researchers have created a modeling system that tracks the tomato leafminer along trade routes, enabling warnings to be issued for the first time to countries bracing for invasion by the pest that threatens tomato crops worldwide. Through the modeling system, researchers showed that the insects spread in Nepal along the trucking routes of tomato shipments. The models not only… Read more
27 February 2018
HAVE you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients or nutrition labels on your packaged foods? I know it may seem tedious and can be downright confusing, so many don’t do it. Truth be told, advertising for food is very under-regulated, especially when generic terms such as “healthy”, “wholesome”, “nourishing” and “energizing” — just to name a few — are used to… Read more
27 February 2018
Asia is home to nearly two-thirds of the world’s malnourished. But it’s not the booming elderly population feeling the pinch. It’s not the rapidly expanding middle class. In this fractured world we live in (the words of Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum last month, in reference to both geopolitical fault lines and the stresses building up within societies and… Read more
28 September 2017
Alarmingly, two out of five adults in the Asia-Pacific region are either overweight or obese. Facing declining markets in Western countries, multinational food companies are targeting Africa, Asia, and Latin America as new consumers of packaged foods, in a move that may worsen the global epidemic of chronic illness related to diabetes. Governments are striking back at obesity risk… Read more
9 November 2017
We all know that maintaining a balanced diet is important for our well-being. After all, getting enough nutrients is what keeps us healthy and active. However, as we also know, many people are not eating the right foods. For many, it’s simply a decision to stick with foods they enjoy but aren’t too healthy. This is leading to an increase in non-communicable diseases such as heart attacks… Read more
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