11 September 2018
After achieving dynamite success in Thailand where it competes with Lay’s potato chips, Thai entrepreneur Itthipat “Tob” Peeradechapan wanted to bring his seaweed snack chips to the US market and enlisted the help of Tim Minges whom he had met during Minges’ tenure as president of PepsiCo Asia. Read more at… Read more
1 September 2018
I came to Thailand as a fit, healthy 70 kilogram Australian. After six years in Thailand, I’m now a reasonably fit, healthy 76 kilogram Australian. Why? Well, Thai food, despite its healthy appearance and fresh origins is also full of fats, sugars and salt. For example, compare your average Big Mac to an average Pad Thai and there’s at least double the kilojoules (or calories) in the Pad… Read more
22 August 2018
Thailand's shrimp farmers association expects the number of shrimp farmers in the country to further decline to 6,000 farmers down from 7,000 currently, as farms consolidate and grow in scale...more.  Read more
12 August 2018
BANGKOK — The Buddha, in his laughing incarnation, is often depicted with a jolly smile and a giant, quivering belly. That model of plenitude seems ever more apt in Thailand, where the waistlines of the country’s Buddhist monks have expanded so much that health officials have issued a nationwide warning. In June, officials from Thailand’s Public Health Department urged laypeople to offer… Read more
19 July 2018
As the world’s food needs grow, the agriculture industry needs transformation to match the demand. Thailand, one of the world’s biggest agricultural exporters, is under the global spotlight. Experts, economists and businesses are watching to see how Thailand transforms its agricultural landscape to meet this need.  According to the UN, the world’s population is estimated to increase… Read more
2 July 2018
As Thailand's rural population ages, a new initiative is encouraging young professionals to return to the countryside and establish farming communities with modern technology. When asked why he resigned from an engineering career to start anew as a farmer, Pasawut “Jack” Roongrasmi simply replies, “Because I wasn’t happy.” Dozens of young men and women in Thailand are turning away… Read more
8 November 2017
We all know that maintaining a balanced diet is important for our well-being. After all, getting enough nutrients is what keeps us healthy and active. However, as we also know, many people are not eating the right foods. For many, it’s simply a decision to stick with foods they enjoy but aren’t healthy. This is leading to an increase in heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and… Read more
26 September 2017
Thailand has been a pioneer in development theory for some time. Resulting from the contemplation of the relationship between man, the environment, and the economy more than half a century ago, the work of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej eventually became formalized as the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy -- SEP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated. Such Philosophy broke significant grounds and… Read more
8 August 2017
Jonathan Eze examines the positive impact the commissioning of the WACOT Rice Mill in Kebbi would have on food sufficiency. The recent commissioning of the WACOT Rice Mill in Argungu, Kebbi State is undoubtedly a major boost to the federal government’s determination supported by the private sector to ensure that enough rice is produced in Nigeria to meet the needs of the country. The WACOT… Read more
1 August 2017
BANGKOK -- By sharing its Sufficiency Economy Philosophy as a model, Thailand is helping other developing nations achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated. Of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the final goal -revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development - may be the most compelling of… Read more
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