12 September 2018
Coconut sugar is enjoying a boom in popularity, thanks partly to some people claiming it is a healthful alternative to other sugar types. The truth is less clear and consuming too much of any sugar may contribute to health issues. It is essential that people understand both the benefits and risks of using coconut sugar. This is true as many may turn to alternative sweeteners such as coconut… Read more
20 September 2018
Adolescence is the time in a child’s life when their body changes physically into an adult. By this time, children will reach their full height potential. It is also the time they will experience emotional, social and intellectual stages that will mold them into the adult they will become. As for nutrition, this is the time your child tends to grow out of your watchful eye and wants to start… Read more
16 September 2018
Malaysia has had a long-standing relationship with sugar. With an average production of 1.678 million metric tonnes of sugar annually over the past five years, and bearing the badge of honor as one of the world’s top sugar importers, it is clear that sugar plays a very important part in Malaysia’s economy – and diet. However, perhaps the time has come for us to curb our sugar intake with… Read more
Matthew Cooper uses data science to study land cover and nutrition as part of his PhD in Geography at the University of Maryland. His interest in the environment and food systems has led him to conduct fieldwork in countries including Mali, Uganda, and the Philippines; act as data manager for a project that harnesses data for agricultural decision-making, and work on remote sensing and geographic… Read more
1 August 2018
MANILA, Philippines — Health is wealth, and it should be the top priority in ensuring the well-being of your child. Sadly, the reality that improper nutrition is still a widespread problem among many Filipino children is alarming. One out of three children (31.1 percent) aged five to 10 years old in the Philippines is experiencing stunted growth, according to the 2015 Updating of the… Read more
14 August 2018
Moringa oleifera, known commonly as the drumstick tree is a powerhouse of nutrients Growing up in an Indian household, I remember the moans and groans at the dining table if the stir-fried leaves of the drumstick tree were served as the vegetable dish of the day. Murungai keerai (the Tamil name for the leaves of the drumstick tree) is a traditional Indian vegetable but the thick… Read more
13 August 2018
DSM said it was striving to work with manufacturers to tap into the rising trend of snacking and increasing number of convenience stores, in order to make nutritional products more affordable and accessible. Read more. Read more
By Prof. Sayed Azam-Ali15 June 2018
Read the article here: https://www.thestar.com.my/opinion/letters/2018/06/15/feeding-the-future/ Read more
24 May 2018
Higher levels of CO2 are lowering amounts of protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins in rice. The carbon dioxide humans are pumping into the atmosphere at a rate of 2.4 million pounds per second is sapping the nutrients in a major food source for 2 billion people, a big study published Wednesday found. It’s the latest sign that we’re not just changing the climate by burning… Read more
10 May 2018
The way to a stronger city is through its stomach. Cities rely on a familiar toolkit to become stronger, healthier, and more livable: expand transportation, create public space, add jobs, construct housing. While these strategies have been proven to work, they also fuel inequality and displacement; not everyone benefits from a big build. A different approach is poised to… Read more
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