Love Food Hate Waste: Is our food expiry date law outdated?

8 February 2019 Malaysia

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In 2016, the world’s first supermarket selling expired food opens in Copenhagen, aiming to cut down the 700,000 metric tonnes of food waste in Denmark.

WeFood sells expired food and food rejected by other grocers for 30% to 50% cheaper than market price. At a time when food waste, zero hunger, and global warming are on every country’s agenda, the opening generated a global buzz. WeFood is now even listed on VisitCopenhagen’s website.

Selling food past its best before date is however not a radical new idea invented by the Danes. The Americans have been running salvage food stores and discount groceries way before WeFood. A 2014 article in estimated that there were at least 500 salvage groceries nationwide. It is thought to have started in the ever-thrifty Amish community.

Some of these stores have been around for 50 years and they are in every state.

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