2 December 2018
Often reviled for its pungent odor, the crop has become a delicacy in China – and export demand is rocketing. High up in the lush green mountains of Raub, you can smell them before you see them. The pungent waft in the morning breeze comes as quickly as it goes, but there is no mistaking: this part of Malaysia is the land of the durian. Called the “king of fruits” by… Read more
8 November 2018
PETALING JAYA: The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) says the current policy of providing free meals for students from low-income households fails to take into account the reality of malnutrition among children. Siti Altaf Deviyati, a social policy specialist with Unicef, said children from all economic categories should benefit from the education ministry’s free breakfast programme… Read more
By Pearly Neo6 November 2018
Scientists in Malaysia are looking to replace the world's Big Four crops with under-utilized options to help solve global food security issues, especially in Asia. Read more.  Read more
24 August 2018
There is a local aphorism that Malaysia has some of the best policies in the world, but our problem lies in the implementation. And when it comes to the diet and health of Malaysians, we can all see the problem steadily ballooning up in front of our eyes. While there are many statistics to back this up, the simple fact that we hold the title of Asia’s fattest nation should be telling… Read more
29 June 2018
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27 June 2018
The term “underutilized crops” may not be familiar. But it holds the key to the future of agriculture, where biodiversity can be developed into new crops, new products, and new approaches to ensure food security. Underutilised crops are grown by local communities and have significant cultural and traditional value. However, they have yet to be studied and conserved thoroughly. And because… Read more
4 July 2018
A PROMISE by the new government to guarantee the basic food needs of the nation and to safeguard the welfare of farmers is indeed timely. This is consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that focuses explicitly on food by seeking to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”. To achieve this, the government… Read more
13 June 2018
The Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Ministry has made it clear that Malaysia does not impose restrictions on the importation of fish from any country. The Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia (LKIM) today stressed that an approved permit (AP) from the ministry is not a prerequisite for fish importers. “Anyone who is qualified and fulfills the requirements can become an importer. … Read more
13 June 2018
PUTRAJAYA - Malaysia is not facing any issue with regards its rice supply, assured Agriculture and Agro-based Ministry’s Padi and Rice Industry Division secretary Shamsuddin Ismail. He said the country produced 73 percent of local rice and the rest was imported, based on a long-term contract. “However, to ensure Malaysia’s food security remains intact, the government is conducting a… Read more
7 February 2018
With rainy days starting even before the start of 2018, consumers are told to expect fewer fruits during harvest in six months’ time. At the Go Chin Pomelo Nature Park, manager Woon Yee Bin, 35, predicted that the current climate would bring about a profound impact on the sales and harvest of the fruits. “Judging by the number of pomelo flowers that have been destroyed by the rain and… Read more
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