3 March 2018
If nothing is done to protect the environment and natural marine ecosystem, food security in the country and people’s livelihoods would risk falling into jeopardy, warned Penang fishermen. They said the coastal and marine ecosystems surrounding Penang island and the mainland must be protected at all costs to ensure sustainability and prevent the extinction of fisheries resources. No, or… Read more
By Tan Sri Dr Zakri Abdul Hamid19 February 2018
Globally, 800 million out of 7.6 billion people suffer from hunger. Although the number has decreased in recent decades, roughly one in 10 people goes to bed hungry every day, many of them from developing countries. Read more
31 January 2018
The menu at school canteens may be in for an overhaul as fish balls, meatballs, and fish cakes are among 13 food items now banned under new rules by the Education and Health Ministries, Nanyang Siang Pau reports. The Chinese-language daily said the Education Ministry’s schools management division had informed the Malaysian Seafood Industries Association of its decision on January 17… Read more
By Cheryl Tay28 February 2018
Regular breakfast consumption is linked to a healthier body weight status in schoolchildren and should, therefore, be encouraged, say researchers. Read more. Read more
2 March 2018
Water trickling down a hillside in the Kajang SILK Highway (SILK) is inviting danger to motorists, who stop by the roadside to refill their water containers. Motorists who cross the highway on foot, or stop their vehicles by the roadside, risk getting hit by vehicles. It is also hazardous because the spot is a steep slope. It is understood that fatal accidents have happened at the spot. For… Read more
1 March 2018
PETALING JAYA: There is definitely a lack of supply of nutritious food everywhere but that can also be due to a lack of demand, says the president of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) Dr Tee E Siong. A recent report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) had revealed that 20% of children in Kuala Lumpur’s working-class neighborhoods, such as low-cost flats, are stunted while… Read more
1 March 2018
PETALING JAYA: Is it possible for families to “shop smart”, even at upmarket supermarkets like Cold Storage, by purchasing discounted products that are near expiry or “after-shelf life”? That was what FMT wanted to find out, based on comments by Suriana Welfare Society executive director Scott Wong in a report about the struggles of the urban poor. Wong had been speaking about his… Read more
14 February 2018
Nestlé Malaysia has responded to a viral online video, which claims its Milo drink contains 40% sugar, by stating: ‘The facts in this video are clearly misleading’.  Read more. Read more
9 February 2018
FRESH from being crowned ‘The Fattest Country in Asia’, Malaysia is now debating whether a malt chocolate drink by Nestlé is healthy or not. Milo, a hugely popular drink in Malaysia, is marketed as a healthy and “nutritious” drink locally. This claim is now the subject of debate after a video by businessman Vishen Laisheni pointed out that sugar makes up 40… Read more
12 January 2018
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