25 July 2019
When many people envision food security in Vietnam, they think of rice. More than seven million tons of it are harvested each year, making Vietnam the third-largest exporter of the crop. What isn’t exported feeds the Vietnamese population; rice provides 65 percent of people’s daily calories on average, making it a vital piece of both food and financial security. However, many of… Read more
20 July 2019
Obesity is rising fast in Southeast Asia, putting a strain on healthcare systems and government budgets, particularly in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, according to research from Fitch Solutions Macro Research. Vietnam had the biggest increase in the number of obese people -- those with a body mass index above 25 -- in the five years through 2014, at 38 percent, followed by Indonesia… Read more
8 July 2019
Identifying organic fertilizers as the key to organic agriculture, Vietnam’s agriculture ministry has set a target to raise the proportion of organic fertilizers to 15% and the consumption of organic fertilizers industrially produced at home from one to three million tonnes by 2020. Huge demand and potential Among the nearly 21,000 fertilizer products currently on sale in Vietnam, there are… Read more
By Lesley Wynn17 July 2019
In the past twenty years, Asian countries have experienced massive and unprecedented urban growth, and with it a host of new challenges, as swelling urban populations have increased pressure on resources such as land, food, and water. As in other major cities in Asia, the rapid growth of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, has had a dramatic impact on its citizens and the environment. These changes… Read more
20 February 2019
Gac fruit, or its scientific name Momordica cochinchinensis, is known as ‘the fruit from heaven’ in Southeast Asia due to its acclaimed properties in enhancing longevity, vigor, and vitality. To the orang asli community, gac is valued for many important health benefits. Grown in Vietnam, the fruit is also found in other areas of South Asia. In traditional Chinese medicine, gac… Read more
23 January 2019
The new VAC Library in Hanoi, Vietnam is an interactive space where children can learn about urban farming. It is designed by Vietnamese architecture studio Farming Architects to be a full-service learning center that houses both books and outdoor knowledge. Its goal is to teach children how a self-sustaining ecosystem works by having them experience it firsthand while also learning more about… Read more
17 September 2018
Facing consumers’ fear of unsafe food, the Vinamit JSC has developed clean farming methods and applied high technologies in food processing and preservation. Aside from other dried agricultural produce, freeze-dried coffee products are one of the firm’s latest ideas. Vinamit General Director Nguyen Lam Vien said that freeze-dried products are the outcome of his company’s devotion to… Read more
7 September 2018
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved the Vietnam Health Program to improve the well-being, stature, longevity and life quality of Vietnamese people in the 2018-2030 period, Vietnam News Agency reported on Friday. The program sets three goals - to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle with appropriate nutrition and increased physical activity to improve Vietnamese people's… Read more
25 July 2018
 In 2018, the production value of Vietnam's animal husbandry industry is projected to increase by 3.8%-4% over 2017. These are the specific objectives which lie within the control of the sector. However, given the proceedings in the opening months of the year, many economists have stated that if the supply-demand problem is not resolved, the goal of moving towards an intensive production… Read more
3 May 2018
Rambutan is the third Vietnamese fruit after mango and dragon fruit to be exported to New Zealand. Việt Nam is also the first country to be licensed to export fresh rambutan to New Zealand. Entry to a demanding market such as New Zealand will provide Việt Nam the opportunity to tap other strict markets in the world. Hoàng Trung, Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural… Read more
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