By Massimo Reverberi1 January 2018
Can the yuck factor be overcome? Read more here.       Read more
Chocolate lovers could soon have a harder time satisfying their sweet tooth. Worldwide demand for this mouth-watering treat is outstripping the production of cocoa beans, its primary ingredient. But in a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists report that compounds found in jackfruit seeds produce many of the same aromas as processed cocoa beans and… Read more
By Katy Askew3 January 2018
Food Navigator looks at five mega-trends that are set to influence the future of innovation in the food sector. Read more here. Read more
13 October 2017
Asia and the Pacific is the world’s largest food market. By 2030 it will likely account for half the global increase in annual beef and poultry consumption.Source: Asia’s Future Farms Globally, 815 million people went to bed unfed or half-fed in 2016, compared to 777 million the year before. If unchecked, this trend could cause a mass exodus of rural populations to urban… Read more
7 November 2017
IFAD president Gilbert Houngbo makes the case for a ‘rural transformation’ backed by affordable technology. Gilbert Houngbo took over the presidency of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in April this year, following posts with other UN agencies and a four-year term as prime minister of Togo. At the UK parliament last week (October 31), the All-Party… Read more
15 September 2017
MANILA, Philippines – Ideas to recycle waste products and promote agriculture – these were just some of the concepts pitched by finalists in the environment and climate change category of the 2017 HackSociety semi-final round held on Friday, September 15. Four teams pitched their ideas on the second day of the hackathon that aimed to crowdsource innovative solutions to some of the… Read more
By Eva Perroni
Gianna Bonis-Profumo is passionate about food and nutrition security issues, particularly those affecting women and Indigenous populations in different cultural settings. Bonis-Profumo’s work in sustainable agriculture projects inspired her Food and Nutrition Hub research project proposal, which won the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) Yes! Competition in 2014. After spending… Read more
By Marga Buenaventura11 August 2017
When we access an app on our phones, our main concern is how much it’s going to make our lives easier. Facebook lets us connect to our loved ones (and keep tabs on our frenemies). Yelp keeps us away from shady food joints that host typhoid fevers. And of course, there’s Tinder to identify the creeps in our neighborhood. And find true love, I guess. What we don’t think of is… Read more
26 July 2017
Experts recently gathered in Bali to develop regulations that will help small-scale fishing operations and their sustainable methods thrive in our overfished seas. In this series of images, photojournalist Paul Hilton visits fishing communities in Asia where locals work in harmony with their environment.   Read more
All Mr Jack Ng wanted was to be a vegetable farmer in his retirement. But he was lazy. The idea of toiling in the fields, battling weather and pest woes, did not appeal to the engineer. Then, the perfect solution struck him. Mr Ng figured, "Why not build a farm vertically? It'll be perfect for land-scarce Singapore." In 2011, after two years of R&D, a prototype of Mr Ng's sky farm was… Read more
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