10 January 2019
The Australian owners of a restaurant in East Timor are hoping to use their passion for the local cuisine to combat malnutrition in the tiny Southeast Asian nation. East Timor has Asia's worst rates of child malnutrition, with more than 50 percent of children suffering from stunting - a condition that permanently affects their mental and physical development - according to the United… Read more
By Sophie Raynor11 January 2018
In the tiny island nation of Timor-Leste, child malnutrition has become a critical public health problem. An estimated 50 percent of children suffer from a form malnutrition called stunting – one of the highest rates in Asia. But most often, the problem isn’t lack of food – it’s lack of information. For generations, mothers living in rural areas of the country have treated malnutrition at… Read more
12 June 2017
Stunting – low height for age – is a striking measure of chronic undernutrition in children under 5. More than 1 in 5 children in the world are stunted from not having enough nutritious food. While rates are very low in high-income countries, up to half of the children are stunted in some low- and middle-income countries. To solve the problem, these countries need to improve their… Read more
16 October 2016
Farmers in Timor Leste call the months from November to February “the hungry season”, and this year could be even worse than usual thanks to poor harvests related to the weather phenomena El Niño and La Niña. By November, farming families in Timor Leste tend to have eaten or sold all their produce. They’ve planted new crops with the… Read more