8 February 2018
Many consider durian a high-cholesterol fruit hence choose to avoid it at all costs. But this opinion is only a myth, according to a nutritionist at Pondok Indah Hospital, Dr. Diana Suganda SpGK. As reported by on Monday, Diana said 100 grams of durian flesh actually contains 0 mg of cholesterol, in addition to 147 calories, 5.33 grams of fat, 1.47 grams of protein, 27 grams of… Read more
13 March 2018
Jakarta - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says Indonesia can reach its goal of achieving high-income status. However, the country must first create greater access to more nutritious foods and invest in human capital in order to do so, the organization said Thursday, March 8. Indonesia`s economy has been growing at a steady pace for many years and the Government… Read more
12 March 2018
Assistant Director-General and FAO Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific Kundhavi Kadiresan has expressed her appreciation of the implementation of agriculture insurance by the Indonesian government, which is rarely implemented in other countries. As stated in a press statement issued by the Agriculture Ministry on Monday, Kadiresan said that based on the experience of other… Read more
13 March 2018
Indonesian consumers have not recognized the benefits of artificial meat, data from UK-based research firm YouGov indicates. Lab-grown meat is perceived by many as the solution to meeting the rising demand for meat products. According to Business Insider, renowned figures and philanthropists, such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, believe that relying more on artificial meat could… Read more
13 February 2018
A measles and malnutrition crisis has killed at least 72 people, mostly children, in Indonesia's remote province of Papua, home to the world's biggest gold mine. As Rebecca Henschke and Hedyer Affan report, the crisis has put the spotlight on a region closed off to journalists for decades and revealed serious government failings. Just two months old, Yulita Atap's life has already been… Read more
By RJ Whitehead2 January 2018
Arla Foods expects to expand its position in South East Asia through a joint-venture with one of Indonesia’s leading dairy players. Read more here. Read more
By Lester Wan12 January 2018
Despite soaring obesity and diabetes rates in Indonesia, researchers say there is insufficient information detailing the levels and sources of added sugar intake among the population. Read more. Read more
25 January 2018
Head of Nutrition Studies Program from UHAMKA Leni Sri Rahayu MPH said Indonesia has long faced various nutritional problems. The nutritional problems are such as Protein Energy Deficiency (KEP), Vitamin A Deficiency (KVA), Iodine Deficiency Disorders (GAKY) and Anemia. When the problem of malnutrition has not been overcome, the survey results show obesity prevalence is also increasing. "So… Read more
26 January 2018
Indonesia may be rich in resources but it has yet to prove it is able to feed its children well.  The world’s largest archipelago, which is listed among five countries with the highest number of stunting cases in the world, is currently under the spotlight for a measles outbreak and malnutrition, health issues that have claimed the lives of at least 90 children in Papua. Read more here. Read more
By Prasiddha Gustanto23 September 2017 Read more
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