Jakarta. President Joko Widodo says he is optimistic Indonesia will reach self-sufficiency in food production in the next four years as the country has the resources to do so. “The more I learn of the field conditions of our country, the more I’m convinced that in the next four or five years, we’ll be able to achieve the so-called food self-sufficiency, food security and food sovereignty,” Joko said in his opening speech for the Jakarta Food Security Summit 2015 at… Read more
Indonesia has become more resilient when it comes to food security in the last five years, although there is still room for improvements, a top official has said. The United Nations states that food security stands on four pillars, namely availability, access, utilization, and stability of the three previous aspects over time. “I can say that the country’s food security is more resilient now,” Agriculture Minister Suswono said in a special interview on Tuesday. “Food… Read more
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