Indonesia: COVID-19: Economic and Food Security Implications (4th Edition)

Indonesia: COVID-19: Economic and Food Security Implications (4th Edition) Date: 15 Dec 2020Publisher:
World Food Programme

Nine months since the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Indonesia, the effects of the pandemic are continuing to unfold. The scope of its impact on the economy, livelihoods, food security and nutrition is still evolving. Inequities related to employment, income earning, and gender are increasing.

Although positive signs of recovery have begun, full economic recovery is likely to take a long time. The lockdowns, that restricted non-essential socio-economic activities and movement in order to contain the virus, have limited the opportunities to work and earn an income, and restricted access to services. This has put pressure on the most vulnerable populations to afford basic needs. The decline in household purchasing power, due to job loss and income reduction has definitely affected access to food.

This fourth COVID Bulletin provides a snapshot of the pandemic’s impact on the economy and food security in Indonesia including:

  • Update on government social protection support for vulnerable groups to reduce impact of the crisis;
  • Update on macroeconomic indicators in the third and early fourth quarter of 2020;
  • Overview of recent trends in food security, including constraints in food supply chains;
  • Review of gender inequities, highlighting the extent of socio-economic impacts faced by Indonesian women based on the latest UN Women survey and Government data;
  • Analysis on availability of strategic food commodities and national and sub-national price trends.

The analysis team would like to thank Statistics Indonesia, the Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), the Food Security Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and the Indonesian Market Traders Association (IKAPPI) for providing additional data and information. This Bulletin has been made possible by the Joint SDG Fund and UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Multi-Partner Trust Fund.

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