1 April 2019
Airline food has been called a lot of things over the years, but “fresh” isn’t one of them. That is about to change. Beginning this fall, Singapore Airlines passengers flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to Changi Airport will enjoy meals served with produce grown less than five miles from the airport and picked within 24 hours of flight departure. “Imagine boarding… Read more
27 March 2019
A move to get primary school pupils to junk potato chips and fried chicken wings and snack instead on healthier alternatives like carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes will be launched next month. Called FoodSteps, it plans to start initially in 15 schools in the area run by the South West Community Development Council, with volunteers and food enthusiasts dishing up fun and interactive activities… Read more
27 March 2019
In a quiet corner of the National University of Singapore (NUS), scientists are creating the next generation of supercrops that can survive drought and withstand high temperatures. To make urban farming a success in land-scarce Singapore, crops must be climate-resilient, disease-resistant and able to grow well in low light intensity. To develop these traits in crops, their genes must be… Read more
19 February 2019
Forest fires are more harmful than previously imagined, causing stunted growth in children who were exposed to smoke while in the womb, according to new research from Duke University and the National University of Singapore. The authors found prenatal exposure to haze from forest fires led to a statistically significant 1.3-inch decrease in expected height at age 17. "Because adult height is… Read more
31 January 2019
Cutting down on white rice may not in itself lower a person's risk of getting diabetes, two new studies have found. The risk depends on what the rice is substituted with and the overall quality of a person's diet, said Professor Koh Woon Puay, director of the Centre for Clinician-Scientist Development at Duke-NUS Medical School, a co-author of the studies. Both studies used data from the… Read more
24 January 2019
SINGAPORE - Not everyone you see taking photos of their food before eating it may be doing it for Instagram likes. Some may be pre-diabetic patients from Ng Teng Fong General Hospital checking how healthy their meals are. The hospital has teamed up with artificial intelligence (AI) experts from the National University of Singapore (NUS) to develop a new application for people diagnosed with… Read more
12 September 2018
Enterprise Singapore’s vision is to develop the Singapore Food Manufacturing sector into a leading food and nutrition hub in Asia by 2025 Enterprise Singapore‘s SEEDS Capital officially open its door to welcome co-partners in grooming Singapore’s agrifood tech companies. The specific choice is a part of the company’s vision to bring Singapore Food Manufacturing sector to… Read more
11 July 2018
The second Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will feature expert insights on sustainable packaging, ingredients, and marketing. Read more. Read more
28 March 2018
Somewhere along Upper Bukit Timah Road is an estate called Dairy Farm — which is strange because there aren’t any farms anywhere nearby. There’s a nature park, a quarry, even a heavy vehicle parking spot, but not a cow in sight. So where or what is this “Dairy Farm” in this ulu place?  Story time: In the 1930s, a man named Fred Heron, the Managing Director of Cold… Read more
SINGAPORE — A natural compound found in mangosteens could be the answer to provide a new drug in the fight against tuberculosis (TB), according to a study by researchers from National University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS Medicine). Researchers found that xanthones, with its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, could be effective at inhibiting and killing… Read more
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