By Heng Panha25 September 2021
Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister, Yim Chhay Ly, Chairman of the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development said that as the Cambodia  moves to an Upper-Middle Income Country status by 2030, food systems will serve as a critical foundation for sustainable development and the elimination of all forms of malnutrition, hunger, and poverty, ensuring that no one is left behind. On behalf of… Read more
By Sar Socheat23 August 2021
Cambodian rice researchers will soon release a new rice variety more resilient to climate change that produces significantly better yields than conventional rice types. Just as important in the development of vibrant international market demand, the new variety also delivers better taste after cooking. Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) director Lor Bunna… Read more
By Hin Pisei14 December 2020
The pig production sector is thriving and on the up following an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) that resulted in huge losses of hog populations and put the future of small-holder farmers in jeopardy. But industry insiders are nervous about whether the current trends of increased domestic production and decreased imports will carry over into the post-Covid-19 era. The Covid-19 crisis… Read more
By Long Kimmarita3 November 2020
Prime Minister Hun Sen has urged strengthening the food safety and quality control system in Cambodia to enable healthy diets which he said are vital to human capital development. The call came as the Kingdom prepares to mark the 7th National Nutrition Day, which falls on November 6. The prime minister also called on the food sector to change how they process food and do business and enable… Read more
By Sen David16 October 2020
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) yesterday confirmed that it and its partners stand ready to support the Cambodian government to respond to COVID-19 and ensure sustainable food systems. According to an FAO statement, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to push 130 million people globally into hunger by the end of the year. In Cambodia, despite remarkable development… Read more
31 August 2020
The beginning of this season’s rice harvest has been slower than in 2019. This has been brought about by drought causing slower seed-planting, resulting in some farmers having to replant and harvest has now been extended into December. Kao Thach, director-general of the Rural Development and Agriculture Bank (RDAB), said that although the drought had impacted harvests, the government still… Read more
8 July 2020
The fisheries sector in Cambodia, including aquaculture, is a significant source of food, nutrition, employment, trade, and socio-economic benefits. About six million people, or 40 per cent of the population, rely directly or indirectly on fisheries for sustenance and livelihood. The post-harvest activities employ an estimated 33,000 people. Women account for more than 50 per cent of the total… Read more
9 April 2020
The prime minister has urged all stakeholders involved in the agricultural sector in the country to boost and promote the vital agriculture sector because it will provide food for locals and can be exported. Speaking at a news conference at the Peace Palace this week, Mr Hun Sen instructed the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and other stakeholders to pay greater attention to… Read more
7 January 2020
Cambodia kicked off a food safety campaign, which urges school principals across the kingdom to ensure that food served in cafeterias is safe, nutritious and of good quality, the Phnom Penh Post reported on Tuesday. Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron launched the campaign at the Preah Norodom Primary School in the capital's Daun Penh district on Monday. Ministry Spokesman… Read more
2 December 2019
The 21st Global Child Nutrition Forum kicked off in Siem Reap province in northern Cambodia on Monday, aiming to address challenges in school meal program implementation, said a joint press release. The five-day event is being hosted by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS), together with the Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF) and the World Food Program (WFP) Centre… Read more
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