By Jaz Low5 July 2022
Dr. Ir. Fadjry Djufry, M.Si Director General of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development shares how the organisation is championing sustainable agriculture and improving the country’s agricultural productivity.  “Without access to modern farming techniques…farmers’ livelihoods hinge precariously on a changing environment that they’re struggling to… Read more
By Luh De Suriyani & M Ambari7 January 2022
Indonesia plans to have a network of 136 villages dedicated to aquaculture by the end of this year. The initiative is part of the government’s efforts to boost exports of its world-renowned aquaculture commodities, namely shrimp, lobster, crab and seaweed. Experts have welcomed the plan, but say it must be supported by sound environmental planning, particularly avoiding the clearing of… Read more
By Dzulfiqar Fathur Rahman20 November 2020
President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has urged businesses to partner with 2 million independent farmers by 2023 to improve their productivity, as Indonesia seeks to improve its farmers’ welfare and food security. The President’s request came after the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) reported that it had helped 1 million independent farmers through partnerships with business… Read more
22 October 2020
A lecturer at IPB University, the state-run agricultural university based in Bogor, West Java, has suggested an idea for building regional food security amid the coronavirus restrictions, which could disrupt supply and distribution. “Although we may not hear many public complaints [about food scarcity], we nevertheless need to [ensure adequate] food supplies during the pandemic,” Edi… Read more
27 October 2020
Urban farming is currently on the rise in Indonesia as people across the country are forced to spend more time at home in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. With little land in their backyards – or without any backyard at all – aspiring urban farmers should fret not, as they can grow various vegetables with limited space at home. Endang Tri Margawati, an animal biotechnology… Read more
By Cristina Eghenter16 October 2020
In times of COVID-19 pandemic, nature and climate change crises, food security, economic recession and heightened inequality have come to the fore of global challenges in forceful ways. Today, as we mark World Food Day, some reflections on the future path of the economy and food production in particular seem appropriate. A first thought is on measures aimed at increasing food production. If the… Read more
By Apriadi Gunawan14 September 2020
The government is set to develop 30,000 hectares into farmland in Humbang Hasundutan regency, North Sumatra by next month as the Agriculture Ministry commences its food estate program to spur the local economy. The first phase of the program will make use of 1,000 ha for potatoes, shallots and garlic, Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo said. “The food estate program we’re developing is… Read more
By Non Koresponden & Laila Afifa4 September 2020
The FAO's Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC) on Thursday, Sept. 3, emphasized the implications of the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on food systems region-wide. The virtual conference participated by government representatives from 46 countries in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific region is home to more than half of the world’s… Read more
By Ahmad Fuady and Grace Wangge25 July 2020
Many studies reveal that children are less affected by COVID-19 compared with adults. Globally, children account for about 1-5 percent of infections. However, the incidence rate in Indonesia is a bit higher – about 6-8 percent. Among arising assumptions, the prominent reason for this higher rate is the chronic nutritional problems facing Indonesian children.  Children with nutritional… Read more
6 June 2020
The government claims it has ensured there will be a sufficient supply of food to avoid a potential food crisis following the COVID-19 outbreak. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned in March of the impacts of the pandemic on the world’s food supplies, with the shipping industry experiencing a slowdown in activity due to port closures in several regions. Maximo Torero Cullen… Read more
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