11 November 2019
Indonesia has been known for centuries as an agricultural hub with an abundant crop potential, but it must improve its agricultural research to boost productivity and food security for its large and growing population. According to a study conducted by the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), rice consumption in Indonesia will increase to 99.55 kg per capita by 2045 from 97.6 kg per… Read more
12 November 2019
In a recent report, it was found that 22 million people in Indonesia suffered from chronic hunger between the years 2016 and 2018.  The report also acknowledged that there was strong growth in Indonesia’s agricultural sector and the country’s overall economy over the past several decades. Despite significant strides in the sector, however, many people across the country are still… Read more
2 August 2019
Experts have urged the government to boost efforts in managing food supplies following warnings that this year’s prolonged dry season may impact the availability of certain commodities and ultimately, consumer prices. Food commodities have consistently been the largest contributor to increases in consumer prices in Indonesia, given that a large portion of household spending accounts for more… Read more
17 July 2019
The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has alerted Indonesia to the migration of the fall armyworm. In a release made available to The Jakarta Post, the FAO describes the fall armyworm as an insect pest that could “infest and damage or destroy fields of corn and other crops, literally overnight.” According to the FAO, the fall armyworm originates in the… Read more
1 July 2019
One thing that usually impresses first-time visitors to Indonesia is the ubiquitous food vendors. In the evenings, food sellers open shop on the roadside so you don’t have to worry about going hungry — as long as you’re not too demanding about hygiene and safety standards. What’s wonderful about street food served at a warung (stall) is that it represents a slice of a certain region… Read more
3 April 2019
Indonesia welcomed the new country office of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) on Monday in Bogor, West Java. IRRI director general Mathew Morell, together with the head of the Agriculture Ministry’s Research and Development Agency, Fadjry Djufry, inaugurated the IRRI country office on Monday. The office, located in the same area as the research agency’s head office on Jl… Read more
19 February 2019
In a city where warung (stall) sit on nearly every corner offering a range of delicious, greasy delights from sate ayam (chicken satay) to nasi goreng (fried rice), it can be challenging for busy Jakartans to maintain a diet that is not only healthy but also affordable and tasty. It is no wonder, then, that the number of time-poor Indonesians eating these foods on… Read more
30 January 2019
Mr Supriyono sat on a chair in a packed fast-food restaurant in the city of Ciputat, in Indonesia's Banten province, last Friday evening (Jan 25). He had just finished work at the office and was tucking into a plate of steaming rice, hot fried chicken, a chicken burger and a glass of fresh mocha float atop a plastic tray in front of him. For Mr Supriyono, this meal was the perfect way to… Read more
8 February 2019
It took years of farming before Yustina Jari discovered that planting sorghum in a drought-stricken part of her native Flores Island could help improve the local economy and provide much-needed nutrition for children. She got excited about the benefits of the grain when the Research and Social Development Foundation, a local organization run by lay Catholics, and Oxfam… Read more
3 February 2019
The latest case of obesity in Karawang, West Java, has yet again shed light on Indonesia’s rising obesity problem. Sunarti, 39, used to be around 75 kilograms, but with her unhealthy eating habit, she is now 148 kg. “[I used to stay] in bed and rarely leave the house. If there were any meatball or noodle street vendors passing by, I would buy [their food],” Sunarti… Read more
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