16 March 2020
The highly pathogenic H5N6 avian influenza or bird flu has reemerged in the Philippines more than two years after a similar strain affected poultry in the country, Agriculture Secretary William Dar announced on Monday. He said bird flu was detected in a quail farm in Jaen, Nueva Ecija. Testing for avian influenza was done on March 13 after 1,500 out of 15,000 quails died in a farm in Barangay… Read more
8 March 2020
COTABATO CITY, Philippines — Model crop and fish farms will be set up in Lanao del Sur with funding from abroad to help residents of the province, and its capital of Marawi City, recover from conflicts. Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana of the military's Western Mindanao Command said Saturday the projects by three benefactors and by the office of Gov. Mamintal Adiong, Jr. can improve the condition… Read more
By Roberto R. Romulo14 February 2020
Food security is one of the greatest challenges that humankind faces in the future. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) predicts that the global population will exceed nine billion by 2050 raising global demand for food and feeds by 100 percent from current levels. This will be exacerbated by a rising global middle-class population that will grow by two billion by 2030 leading to an… Read more
5 February 2020
Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) persists as a major public health nutrition problem, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Severe deficiency can lead to disorders such as xerophthalmia, the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness, anemia, and weakened host resistance to infection, which can increase the severity of infectious diseases and the risk of death. Golden Rice event 2E… Read more
By Cristina Sison21 January 2020
Several people have asked about the youth program of UP Rural High School, one of the beneficiaries of the fundraising concert where Filipino Tenor, Mr. Lemuel Cuento (UPRHS Class’88) will perform. While there is much interest in Lemuel’s operatic singing, patrons are just as supportive of the youth program for agriculture. UP Rural High School under the leadership of Principal Greg Ardales… Read more
15 January 2020
Around 300 bahay-kubo inspired kiosks will be welcoming gastronomic enthusiasts during the three-day Ilonggo Food Festival, starting January 24 as one of the events lined up for this year’s Dinagyang Festival. “We will showcase the craftsmanship of the people of Maasin (Iloilo),” said Phillipp Chua, chairman of the new and special events group that likewise handles the kiosk sales and… Read more
7 December 2019
The following link will take you to Poor nutrition blamed for dismal Philippine rank in reading, math, science literacyRead more: 7 December 2019 Read more
By Christine Cudis14 November 2019
MANILA -- Filipino families can secure their food consumption without spending over their budget through farming, an expert said Thursday. “Let us make the nation realize what they can have from family farming, it adds to family resilience, and contributes to national security,” Venarica Papa, Assistant Professor of the College of Social Work and Community Development at the University… Read more
18 November 2019
The following link will take you to Dar’s agriculture targets can be achieved 18 November 2019 Read more
18 November 2019
Preserving the natural landscape and biodiversity improves the sustainability of farm operations and, in turn, farmers’ incomes, the Asean Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) said. “Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, provides the resources and supporting functions for farming and tourism. Thus, safeguarding biodiversity is essential to achieve sustainability in farm tourism for present… Read more
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