20 September 2017
REAL estate juggernaut CapitaLand knows a thing or two about reach exceeding its grasp when it comes to its sustainability agenda. Last year, the property giant cut its carbon emissions intensity by 26 percent and water intensity by 22 percent from 2008 levels. In doing so, it beat its 20-23 percent target cuts by 2020, way ahead of schedule. Also last year, it extended its Kids' Food Fund… Read more
4 October 2017
Stay vigilant and resilient Mr Christopher De Souza (Holland-Bukit Timah GRC), one of the four MPs who raised the motion, suggested preparing posters and other paraphernalia to send messages of unity quickly and visibly in the event of a terrorist attack. Residents in his Ulu Pandan ward have printed "day after" banners to be displayed around their estates, with messages such as "Deny… Read more
By Audrey Tan17 August 2017
Instead of trying to get farmers to outbid one another for new farmland that will be released later this month, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) will have them out-think the competition with their concepts. When new farmland for growing leafy vegetables is released, the plots will be tendered out on a concept - not price - basis. This means that the price of the land will be fixed… Read more
16 August 2017
Dr Yin Zhongchao is currently a Senior Principal Investigator at TLL where he has over the last 15 years, led a multi-national team of scientists to understand from the molecular level how rice interacts with the environment and uses it to build up its own natural defence mechanisms. Dr Yin Zhongchao has been conferred the Outstanding Rice Scientist of Singapore at the ASEAN Rice Science and… Read more
By Audrey Tan10 August 2017
New farmland will be released later this month and, for the first time, the 12 plots for growing leafy vegetables in Lim Chu Kang and Sungei Tengah will be tendered out on concept and not price, the latter of which will be fixed. This means that farmers growing leafy vegetables will not have to worry about engaging in a price war trying to secure the land. Instead, their proposals will be… Read more
16 August 2017
SINGAPORE — When Apollo Aquaculture Group chief executive officer Eric Ng realised his fish farm lease in Lim Chu Kang would expire in 2019, the 44-year-old started looking for an overseas alternative. “Land is very limited here, and the cost of setting up a farm in Singapore is very high… But Brunei has vast land and abundance of sea water,” he said. Now, he owns a… Read more
5 July 2017
Amid the Government's push for farms in land-scarce Singapore to be more productive, eight farms have been penalised in the last four years for repeatedly misusing land for purposes other than agriculture, figures from the authorities show. The misuses concern the carrying out of various unauthorised activities on farmland, such as subletting space for non-farming activities, or the conversion… Read more
1 July 2017
Food security can be enhanced by strategic initiatives. Land scarce countries can still do much for agriculture and farming with effective policy measures. Singapore has learned to address the multi-faceted challenges of food security with good planning, efficient utilisation of available resources and clear vision for the future. While many analysts have raised concern about feeding the… Read more
By Wendy Wong17 July 2017
SINGAPORE: Imagine a future where all of Singapore’s vegetables are grown in a completely controlled environment, and where every stage of a plant's growth can be calibrated - from its soil composition to the amount of air and light it gets. Such farm factories are fast becoming a reality indoors, located in warehouses and industrial buildings. Hothousing them in this way allows for a… Read more
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