By Fun Chee Hong22 February 2020
In response to Future of Agriculture, New Straits Times Opinion, 14 January 2020 Being a farmer, I was amused when the writer mentioned that “Agriculture needs to be smart to ‘entice’ millennials into farming if we want agriculture to continue feeding the people”. Why “entice” them when we should be encouraging and giving them the necessary support to be successful farmers? A… Read more
13 February 2020
Jin Xi Cheong's startup Poladrone, the winner of Echelon 2017, aims to bring aerial insights and automation to industries with a focus on agriculture. Jin Xi Cheong grew up in Kuala Lumpur and moved to Melbourne for higher studies when he was 14. He then went on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Monash University. In Late 2015, he returned to Kuala Lumpur to join Intel… Read more
24 January 2020
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17 January 2020
The government’s free breakfast program in primary schools was never a practical idea, said former deputy education minister and MCA president Wee Ka Siong, after Putrajaya scaled back the initiative to cater only to needy students. Wee also said the program was a wastage as it was difficult to gauge the breakfast patterns of all children. “Some parents prepare a meal for their children… Read more
19 November 2019
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15 November 2019
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By Predeep Nambiar10 September 2019
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25 July 2019
Jaafar Zakaria was named the Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Mada) Young Farmer Icon today. His most immediate thought was his hope that the younger generation would be given better opportunities to join the farming industry. The 46-year-old from Sanglang, Kedah, who has been involved mostly in farming padi for more than 30 years, said many youths were interested in farming but were… Read more
10 July 2019
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29 July 2019
As the Musang King continues to enjoy popularity in China, the Agriculture and Agro-based Ministry has taken another step to further boost durian exports by looking at the possibility of including durian kampung in the mix. If the growing durian exports to China — as well as its production — are anything to go by, there is room for more, as the ministry mulls introducing a different… Read more
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